Treasure Trove Auction–“The Weekend” by Dottie Kinn

The Weekend, 6.5x9 Watercolor, Auction!

“The Weekend” by Dottie Kinn

Original watercolor on paper

6.5×9 Framed & Matted

This was so much fun to paint and encompasses some of my favorite elements–water and mountains. I couldn’t resist painting some nice, colorful boats, too. Can you smell the campfire?

To bid on this original piece, simply make your bid in the Comments section below.

Here are the auction rules to buy this little treasure.

The auction will end on Saturday,November 23, 2013 at about 1:00 p.m. Pacific Time (or whenever I manage to log in).

You are bidding for the painting framed and matted.

How to Bid:

  • Minimum bid begins at $100 – yep, that’s it!
  • Bidding increments of $25
  • No reserve price. Winning bid gets the painting.
  • Just bid in the comment section below.
  • Click on the button in the comments section to be notified of new comments (bids).

Good luck! I hope you get the painting.

Please forward this to your friends so they can join in the fun or post with a link in your social media accounts.

New Painting–“Field of Daisies”


Reproductions are available at Fine Art America in a variety of sizes and textures or as greeting cards. I hope you’ll stop by!

Here’s my latest oil painting entitled “Field of Daisies” which was inspired by the flowers. I just wanted something soft that reminded me of the country in summer and I hope you can feel the warm breeze on your face and smell the pasture and hear the bees buzzing in the flowers. Lazy Days is a pastoral landscape scene with white wildflowers in the foreground, yellowish green fields in the middle, and soft grassy mountains in the background. The soft blue sky is accented with white billowy clouds.

The original oil painting is 8×10 in size, oil on stretched canvas, so it can easily fit either on a decorative easel or on that wall space that just needs “something.”  Priced at $600. Please contact me to purchase the original or you can visit my store to purchase prints on your choice of media (giclee, metal, acrylic, poster print, etc.) in a variety of sizes.


Field of Daisies