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I’m a professional artist who has a quirky and very dry sense of humor, a mischievous streak, and my painting style reflects that.  My bold and vibrant colorful realism style will brighten your home or office. My work is produced using high quality professional quality oils and watercolor paints and high grade canvases and paper so you can enjoy your art for years to come. My goal in painting is to create beautiful fine art that moves the soul, reflects the Glory of God’s creation, and draws the viewer into the wonder of His Creation, whether that creation is person, place, thing, or animal.

My work has been accepted into numerous professional juried art shows and I have been a featured exhibitor. My husband and I now reside in Ponderay, Idaho.


Juried Exhibitions:

The Ball Ground, Georgia, Art Show

2nd Annual New Horizons Juried Art Exhibition

3rd Annual New Horizons Juried Art Exhibition

The Fine Arts Society of Kennesaw Juried Art Exhibition

The North Cobb Arts League Juried Art Exhibition


Garden of Artistry Invitational Fine Art Show (2016)

 Artist’s Biography

Dottie is a native Texan, born in Dalhart in the northern Panhandle—high desert country. She loved the brilliant sunsets, the stark nights where one could see thousands upon thousands of twinkling stars, and she loved the blustery wind.

Even though her family moved to South Georgia when she was 10, she has always considered herself a Texan and loves the desert country.  Once a Texan, always as Texan!

Although she had no formal art training while growing up, Dottie always remembered her art classes in elementary school and was an avid reader and admirer of art. Her preference has always been realism and the old masters.  Her family vacations frequently involved visits to museums and art galleries and it was at these that she developed her love for and appreciation of fine art and the old master painters.

While she was in high school, her parents bought her a Canon AE1 camera and she began taking creative photographs everywhere imaginable. To this day, she is an avid photographer and uses her photos as reference photos for her art work.

Dottie had always wanted to paint but didn’t think she drew very well so never took any classes. She simply never imagined that she had any talent! And since music was the focus of her younger years, she never made time to pursue her artistic interests.

Even though not drawing or painting, Dottie has always done some type of creative work whether it was designing and making a banner, creating and sewing her own clothing designs, or learning calligraphy.  She has always had her hands in something creative to fulfill her artistic longing.

She married in 1985 to her beloved husband; she continued playing flute in the church orchestra; and she continued taking photos and visiting art museums with her husband.  When they built their log home (built it with their own hands) in Ball Ground, Georgia, she finally had plenty of wall space and went in search of original art to decorate their walls.

One of her dear friends in Ball Ground is an artist and Dottie learned that she held group classes in the evenings.  Finally, an opportunity and the time to learn to paint! She raided the local arts and crafts store for the necessary supplies and began classes every Monday evening.  Much to her astonishment, she discovered that she has talent.  Her teacher told her one night, “Keep this up and you’ll soon be teaching the class.”

Don, Dottie’s husband, was thrilled with her newfound “hobby” and encouraged her in every way he could, even buying her an expensive easel for her birthday.  He, and the rest of her family, raved about her work and told her to keep painting.

During one conversation with her mother, Dottie’s mother told her that several of her close relatives also paint:  an aunt and a couple of cousins and that her Grandfather, who was a house painter, never had the paint store mix his paints.  Gramps could look at a wall and, and on the first try, mix the perfect color to match.

This explains Dottie’s intuitive sense about mixing colors. She noticed in the art class that many of the other students would ask the teacher how to mix colors; Dottie realized she never had to ask, she just knew.

She was soon challenging her teacher to explore new techniques and methods. Her teacher told her one day that she had learned not to question her choice of colors for under paintings as she always ended up with a beautiful painting. As an avid reader, Dottie pours through instructional how-to books on painting and devours a monthly magazine devoted to painting.

Her hobby has now become her profession. She and her husband relocated to Ponderay in 2014 and they absolutely love the people and the scenery. She already has many exciting paintings in mind inspired by the incredible beauty of the area. Dottie paints in a beautiful and vibrant realism style with bold and bright fresh colors which reflect her unique personality and her love of life.  Her motivation and inspiration in painting is to reflect the glory of God’s creation.  She states, “God has such an incredible imagination, just look at the diversity of what He has created! I want to share with others my interpretation of it and how His creation moves me.”

Her technique has developed over time as she has studied and tried different methods. To date, her favorite technique, that gives her the desired results, is a many-layered grisaille that moves from gray tone, to opaque, to translucent layers.  This a method used by the old masters and she follows in their footsteps.  Her larger paintings normally take up to a month to complete. The most often expressed comment by others is that her work gives them a sense of peace and tranquility.  Her paintings convey the emotions of the scene and the viewer feels like they are there enjoying the same scene and relishing the beauty of it.

Dottie’s work has been in many juried art exhibitions and solo shows.  Additionally, she appeared in a full, front-page newspaper special feature about her and her work which brought in requests for commissioned pieces.

Most of Dottie’s work is in oil but she also has an impressive collection of watercolor work.  She loves the control of the oil and the fluid independence of watercolor. Sometimes the mood of the artist demands a switch from one to the other.

Dottie told her husband several years back, “Don, I feel like God created me to paint; I feel so much joy and peace when I paint.”  Perhaps this is why her pieces imbue this to the collector.

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