Summer, Vacations, and Random Thoughts

Summer has always been such a fun time for vacations and for kicking back and taking life a bit easier. In writing this, I’m reminded of my childhood summers, some of which had memorable vacations.

The Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. is definitely at the top of the good memory list. I don’t really remember seeing much art but I do remember that we didn’t have time to go through all the buildings.  The one section I still have vivid recollections of is the gem stone area–sorry, but I’m sure it has a much better name than that.

Perhaps that excursion through the gems and stones displays, some cut, some uncut, was what gave me my love for jewelry. Sounds like a good enough reason to love gems that sparkle!!  As an adult, I’m still fascinated with cut gems.  A dear friend is an expert jewelry appraiser and she explained to me the geometry involved in a good gemstone cut–absolutely fascinating!! Perhaps that is the appeal because I love geometry (yep, definitely a visual thinker here).

The colors, clarity, and size of cut gems have always drawn me; I could spend hours prowling through stores studying the cuts, admiring the colors. Even today, Don and I love window shopping at jewelry stores! God was kind enough to bless me with a husband who shares most of my interests.  I’ve purchased several books about gem stone quality, their origins, their organic composition and of course, lots of nice color photographs.

What does this have to do with art? Nothing!! and Everything!!  Jewelry is also an art form and I’ve seen some incredible creations over the years.

These are just random thoughts and this is nothing more than an opportunity to let you get to know me better.  OH!!! Maybe I’ll do a series of paintings of gem stones…….

Have a blessed Summer and please be safe while traveling.  Try to prowl through an art gallery here and there and buy something that strikes you.


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