How to Buy Art

You’ve made the decision that you want to start buying original art! Congratulations! This is an important decision and I hope you’ll enjoy your purchases for a lifetime.

There are many theories about what kind of art to buy. Many new collectors believe they must buy art from a well-known artist because they’ve read that they should. They are often afraid to buy from an unknown artist because they are interested in protecting their investment and are afraid of spending money on something that might not “hold its value”.

These are important questions to address, however, as an Art Collector and an artist, my personal opinion is that any Art Collector should buy what they like. In fact, I believe someone should LOVE the art they buy. Think about how long you’ll be looking at the art you purchase. If you don’t like it, does it matter if the artist is well-known? If you love the piece, does it matter that the artist is unknown?

To me, the questions one should ask when considering a purchase of art are: 1) Does this art move me in some way?; 2) Do I LOVE this piece of art?; and finally 3) Will I enjoy looking at this piece of art for the next 20-50 years? If you answer yes to all 3, what are you waiting for? Buy that piece!! If you answer yes to 2 of these, then by all means purchase that beautiful piece of fine art.  If you answer yes to only one, call that artist and buy that piece.  Original works of art are valuable because there is only one. If it moves you and you love it, then you can’t go wrong.

If the piece of art you are considering purchasing gets a YES to all 3 of these, then by all means buy the piece. The investment in something you love that moves you and that will bring you joy for years to come is what is most important. If you are looking for a financial return on an art investment, stick to the stock market. Art is meant for the soul!

Enjoy the journey to becoming an art collector and relish the process of surrounding yourself with beautiful art that moves you!


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